Spring For A Bigger Screen

When you think March- you likely think about March Madness and the epic entertainment you expect to have every time you turn the game on.


But, are you truly enjoying your broadcast if you’re not using the right equipment? We sure don’t think so- and the customers we’ve helped find the right television to mount, projector to install, and sound system to implement all agree that the game gets better with the right audio and video equipment. Here are a couple of suggestions we have for you if you’re considering how to make watching basketball, football, baseball, soccer, or any sporting event better and more lifelike.


First, we tell people to SPRING FOR A BIGGER SCREEN.


Sometimes that means taking your smaller TV and replacing it with a better and bigger one. These days, televisions are smarter than ever and you might be surprised to find out that with the right equipment (the right television and remote combo) that you can control more than just the power, volume, and channel on your TV without messing with multiple remotes.


Additionally, we believe in better quality, especially when you’re moving into LED or 4K television models.


Next, and definitely, if the television upgrade isn’t progressive enough, we start discussing how to implement the switch from regular television to a wall or ceiling mounted projector and screen. Together these pieces of technology and equipment help you scale the screen to pretty much any size you dream of or imagine. Just think, how cool of an experience it would be to watch the Big Game on a big screen. That’s what you can get if you upgrade to a projector and screen for your entertainment room.


Media Room with Leather Recliner Theater Seating and Kitchenette withall Speakers and Wires Concealed Inside Custom CabinetsProjectors require more detailed attention in the selection and setup process but offer large rewards when it comes to your viewing experience. 


That’s why if you want to go this route, our team will need to discuss with you the ways you’ll use the projector, the architectural details of the room you’ll be using it in, and what aspects of A/V quality are most important to you. That allows us to make the best and correct suggestion for your room and your use.


Pure Audio Owner Judd Lafrenz : Premier Audio/Video Retailer and Custom Installer of Media Rooms, Home Theaters, Whole House Audio, and High Fidelity Sound in Mid-Missouri. Servicing Columbia, Boone County and Surrounding AreasLastly, if you’re a true media lover and don’t just want a system that maximizes the visual experience- we can have a conversation about how to maximize the sound quality, color, tone, and acoustic balance for your sound system that we can connect to almost any television or projector combo.


If you’re considering buying subwoofers, speakers, sound towers, or any kind of audio amplifier, let’s make time to talk about all the fine details that make those pieces of technology really work for and impress you.


Our team, at Pure Audio, has more than 20 years of experience in helping our clients find, invest in, install, and enjoy every kind of audio and video equipment you can imagine for your home or office.


Take a moment and make the free call to start a conversation with us about your next residential or commercial audio and video installation project.