Ask Santa for These Upgrades

Ask Santa for Christmas Home Upgrades Control 4 Automation Triad or Monitor Audio Sound Systems

If Santa could leave you with the perfect gift, it would likely be a home upgrade.

It’s the place you live, make memories, and so much more. Why shouldn’t your home be efficient, enjoyable, and completely customized to your life? It should. So, ask Santa to bring you these upgrades. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the Naughty or Nice list since these gifts can benefit more than just one person in your household. You can consider these household audio and video upgrades to be for others. It’s just your idea!

At Pure Audio, the team we have of audio and video professionals help builders, designers, and homeowners with selecting and installing the right equipment (including speakers, projectors, televisions, and more) based on the specific needs or wants.

Here are some gifts that we could help you or your family install to unwrap and enjoy every day- all year long.

Get Automated Control of your home with Control 4 products:

Our partnership with Control 4 brings you a big red gift bag of functionality, features, and fun new technology to make your life easier. In the holiday spirit, imagine waking up and with a spoken word, or from your smartphone, being able to softly wake up the lights on Christmas morning, command your favorite jingle to begin filling the air with joy, and turn on the wall-mounted tv’s to provide the crackling fire ambiance fit for opening presents together. That’s the control that you get when you gift yourself Control 4 for the holidays and allow us to install it for you. Those household commands apply every day of the year, not just when you’re opening presents. So, get used to listening to music evenly throughout your house while doing daily tasks and using your phone to control the technology around your home. It doesn’t get much better than that. But if it does, we’d have to recommend taking your audio experience to the next level as another present. Because, why settle with just one upgrade?

Install better speakers and enjoy acoustically-superior music experiences in every room from your connected device and your new Triad or Monitor Audio sound systems:

When it comes to a heightened sound quality, we often recommend and end up installing Triad or Monitor Audio speakers and sound systems. Our clientele find that when audio matters in their movie watching, music consuming lives, not just any speaker setup will do. That’s why we’re called in. We evaluate the room’s current acoustic nature and figure out the right assortment of equipment and placements so that you get a colorful and balanced atmosphere when you’re enjoying your favorite things. If you’d like to get a better understanding of the types and selection of speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, etc. that we can install in-wall, in-ceiling, or outside your home in the landscaping, check out these vendors for more information.

These gifts can even be stuffed into a stocking! Want to surprise your significant other with the best gift that they’ll remember forever and use daily? We can help you surprise them by turning your future audio and video install project into a gift card. Just ask us and we’ll do it for you! Then, you can spend the next steps planning together with our team of experts on what and how you want your home to be.

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