Scary Wires Leading Nowhere

Scary Wires Cable Management Audio Video Cables Electrical Sound System Home Businesses Entrepreneurs Pure Audio and Video Columbia Missouri

Scary Wires Leading Nowhere Cable Management Audio Video Businesses Entrepreneurs Pure Audio and Video Columbia Missouri

The family holidays are here! Do you feel prepared? With family and friends planning to come over- you might be worried about being judged for the scary wires and cords running all around your house, right? From power cables that stretch tightly to the nearest visible wall socket to dangling black cords that loosely sway back and forth around your space- don’t make cords part of your holiday decor. These eyesores can be fixed and at Pure Audio we’re known as Wire Wizards because when you call us, we make those problems disappear!

So, it’s never too early to shop for a solution to all those wires and cords that run around your house.

It’s a common problem in our industry, we’re called to solve the problem of wires that lead no where, to an old system that needs upgraded, or don’t even seem to work. Our team at Pure Audio are experts in everything you hear and see, so if it has a cord and produces sight or sound, we’re the experts to call in town.

When we meet a homeowner about their project, we normally ask questions like:

  1. What kind of audio or video system do you have in place?
  2. When was the last time you used the equipment or when did it stop working?
  3. How do you like to use and enjoy the system you have or want?
  4. What kind of budget do you have set aside for improvements or repair?
  5. Where is the system plugged in at and where are the speakers that the cords run to?

These beginning questions can often help our team get an understanding of your personal system, future expectations, and begin solving your problems.

This common problem for most homeowners and business owners is an easy problem to solve. However, we won’t know how to solve your problem until we look at it. So give us a call and we’ll get you on the schedule as soon as possible!

Audio and Video Decisions for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Audio and Video Decisions for Businesses and Entrepreneurs Offices Waiting Rooms Conference Room Bars Restaurants Gyms with Pure Audio in Columbia MissouriWhen you run a business you have to make a million decisions. Oftentimes, those decisions include where to locate your business and the office setup you’ll have to have to be productive.

At Pure Audio, we’re trusted by individuals and entrepreneurs alike. You can call on our team to help when you’re moving to a new home or business. Over the past almost two decades we’ve been attentive to small projects and complete groundbreaking build-outs.

Here, we will discuss the ways that our company can help your family or family business get set up with the audio and video equipment that you need.

So, before you make any decisions, be sure that you’ve reflected on:

Audio Installations:

Sound is imperative to a great experience. Our team knows about acoustics and how to make a room sound balanced, enjoyable, and clear. We also make suggestions on the best equipment for your project which could include: speakers, sound dampening panels, and equipment to control it all.

Our team helps:

  • Restaurants and sports bars connect speakers throughout their ceiling, walls, and outdoor spaces that provide atmosphere by playing music that amplifies your brand.
  • Counseling offices, therapy clinics, and wellness spas control the ambiance with background music systems and sound dampening equipment to isolate rooms and create the perfect environment with sound dampening, soundproofing, and ambiance to fill the space with background music.
  • Gyms and fitness facilities with the initial structured wiring that allows for final phase build-outs and installations of audio and video equipment.

Video Installations:

They say, “what you see is what you get”!

So, we like to make sure we provide people the best in everything visual. Our team has been trusted partners of companies like Samsung, Sony, Epson, and LG for TV’s and other equipment, like projectors and screens.

What makes a great viewing experience can all depend on variables that we should discuss together. For businesses, we will need to know about capacity, layout, and intent for the use of your space. Our team will also ask about if there will be a designated employee to train on all things A/V or if the public will be the main user of the system and set-ups. This key piece can dictate what kind of options, controls, and user features we should include for your project.

At Pure Audio we provide:

Equipment that suits every space from the Corporate conference room to a welcoming waiting room

Dance studios and sporting facilities with TV’s of all sizes to stream content on, use as a larger desktop monitors, or broadcast training videos from

And businesses that are moving with the support they need to disconnect their equipment, transport it to the new office, and reinstall it correctly, hiding cords, and making for a seamless company transition

Additional Considerations:

Lastly, we’re a service company. That means your satisfaction is important to us and that we’re here for you after the install. If your sound doesn’t sound balanced, you need help programming your TV or universal remote, or take your room to the next level with system upgrades, we’re here for you.

Make time to call us and set up a personal consultation with one of our audio and video installation experts. We can meet privately at our showroom or our team can come to your home or business to get a better understanding of your project and provide a free quote.

Don’t be left wondering: who do I call for tv mounting, speaker installation, or structured wiring? Call Pure Audio to get a contractor that provides the best of everything you hear and see.

Schedule your consultation with Pure Audio, today