Entertain in Style – Music As A Main Course

Entertain in Style Music As A Main Course Voice Activated Controls Home Automation Mounted TV iPad Automated Scene Lighting Speakers Mood Lights Touch Panel

At Pure Audio, we’ve been partners with Home Builders & Homeowners alike to make sure that a home serves the exact purpose they desire. One of the most important rooms in any home is the place where food is created, served, and enjoyed- the Kitchen.

If you like spending time in your kitchen we have a few handy ways to make that experience even better. Moreover, if you don’t like cooking for yourself or others, these kitchen improvements might change your mind.

The upgrades we suggest that are FOR YOURSELF:

Voice Activated Controls:

Optimize your life with the latest voice activated technology. No matter what device you’re using our team of audio and video installation experts are able to work with you to achieve an easier overall experience in your kitchen. Ask us how to control music, lighting, and other smart devices with your voice.

Mounted TV or iPad:

Columbia MO Custom Home with Wall Mounted Television Floating over Billiards Pool Table Game Room Man Cave by Pure AudioWhether you’re streaming youtube cooking tutorials, scrolling through a digital recipe, or video chatting with loved ones while cooking- this is a handy installation to consider that maximizes your sense of connectivity and functionality while in the kitchen.

Automated “Scene” Lighting:

You come in to the kitchen for many different reasons throughout your day and week. You might be hauling in arm fulls of grocery bags in the dark hoping not to drop the eggs on the tile floor… or getting up for a late night glass of water stumbling to the kitchen through the dark stubbing your toe on the way to the light switch… both of these situations can be avoided and improved with automated scene lighting (especially when combined with Voice Activated Technology). Set the scene with adjustable lighting and find new ways to control the ambiance and utility of your home.

The upgrades that we suggest FOR THE FAMILY & FRIENDS:

While those upgrades provide a lot of enjoyable accommodations to the homeowner. We can never forget that a home is usually enjoyed by more than one person. Oftentimes, a home is upgraded, renovated, and improved to cater to the needs of others- or to simply impress them. If you’re wanting to make upgrades to your kitchen that enhance the value of your home while bringing more joy to your friends and family, consider these below.

Incognito Speakers:

Amaze and impress everyone by bringing audio experiences in to your kitchen. Our crew can install ceiling speakers that can cascade music over everyone like a waterfall- or we can hide the speakers in-wall, in-decor, or in-appliance if you don’t want them visible in the ceiling. Either way you choose, your friends and family will get to talk about how much they love it.

Mood Lighting:

Entertain Voice Controls Home Automation Mounted TV Tablet iPad iPhone Remote Control Automatic Scene Lighting Speakers Automation Mood Lights Touch PanelBased off the “scenes” you can create with the automated lighting, we can enhance this programming and equipment to a level that allows you to “set the mood”. That could be for a romantic date, a surprise celebration, a post-dinner dance party- or whatever you desire to create. Ask our crew how to include color changing lights or lighting that changes with the music into your next kitchen or renovation project.

Touch Panel Controls:

The “Ooooh and Ahhhh” factor is large with this one. Take your kitchen from normal light switches to digital touch panels with customizable and programmable preferences. This can become the central nervous system of your kitchen- we can integrate the lighting, music, technology, and more right here. Ask us how to decide between the best options of touch control panel systems!

All of a sudden, when you have a kitchen with amenities like this, the focus becomes less on the food and MUSIC & EXPERIENCE become the main courses. The memory that lasts is simply a sweet dessert that all your guests get to take home with them.

At Pure Audio, we like to party. So bringing the perfect side dish is important to us. That’s what we like to think of these audio and video upgrades as: side dishes.

Get started with us today! Make music the main course and get the perfect side dishes from us with incognito speakers, voice activated technology, touch panel controls, adjustable or automated lighting, and even mounted technology and TVs.

Experience superior sight, sound, and service from experts in everything you hear and see. Call us! We’re Pure Audio