Make Your Home the Ultimate Staycation Location

Make Your Home the Ultimate Staycation Location Wall Mounted TV Family Room

Who said summer had to have vacations anyway? If you ask our personal opinion, making your home the perfect staycation is the ultimate everyday vacation. Being audio and video installation experts, we are often called on to help families create the perfect center for movie watching, music listening, and game playing. Whether that’s in the form of a Custom Home Theater or a Family Media Room. Let’s create a place your family feels happy being together, yet, still fights over who gets control over the remote. It just takes understanding the differences in design standards, equipment selection, and installation timelines you have to consider. Here we will discuss them all.

Make Your Home the Ultimate Staycation Location House Media Movie Room Projector

  • Design Standards – In general, a larger dedicated room with controllable lighting and superiorly designed acoustic structures from floor to ceiling are what make up a Custom Home Theater. Whereas, any general room that is dedicated as a multi-use space to enjoy media and enhanced appropriately with specialty equipment will create a Family Media Room worth enjoying every day.

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  • Equipment Selection – A major consideration when doing a project like this is to understand whether you want a projector and projection screen or if you prefer a television. Even when we say standard television, that could include a high-end 4K, LED, Curved, or Smart TVs. It’s typical in a Family Media Room to include television options from our partners at Sony, Samsung, or LG. While projects we classify as Custom Home Theaters are oftentimes utilizing ceiling-mounted projectors and large-format projection screens. Another distinction that we help you decide on is the importance of audio in your project. If you like watching movies and enjoy hearing every sound-fx, word, and want to feel part of the experience- then you need to invest in the best speakers. Where those speakers are placed also impacts the overall end result. Don’t worry, we help with acoustics, too. We can tailor solutions that include high-resolution audio speakers, subwoofers, and in-ceiling speakers. Lastly, while a Family Media Room might have a comfy couch, the Custom Home Theaters that we design typically feature unique furniture and seating options that enhance the luxury and utility of the space.

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  • Installation Timelines – Projects that are considered Custom Home Theater projects end up taking longer than simple Family Media Room conversions. Building your home theater is a much more involved process, therefore, if you want to minimize foot traffic or the construction timeline you might want to choose a Family Media Room instead. If the timeline isn’t a problem for you and you’re aspiring to create a jaw-dropping signature space to enjoy your favorite movies anytime with anyone then a Custom Home Theater is the best choice for you.

Learn more about all the differences and speak with a Pure Audio team member about your project today to get on our ever-evolving schedule.

Make Your Home the Ultimate Staycation Location Family House Media Theater Room