Entire House, Inside & Outdoor, Wired for Audio & Video

True Whole Home Audio and Video Setup

This home is a great example of the extent to which we can wire your entire house for ubiquitous sound and video! Nearly every room in this house has in-ceiling speakers and TVs. Even the covered patio has a TV installed in a motorized panel which disappears into the ceiling!

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Living Room Wall Mounted TV and Soundbar

A soundbar discretely placed beneath the television enhances sound while also providing minimal interference with the room’s luxurious aesthetic.

Living Room Soundbar beneath TV No Wires Showing for Whole Home Audio by Pure Audio in Columbia MO

Outfit the Home’s Most Popular Room, the Kitchen, with TV and Speakers

In this home, a flat-screen television occupies a corner counter in the kitchen. High-quality sound comes from a flush-mounted speaker in the ceiling, which blends perfectly into the space.

Flat-Screen Television on a Corner Counter in Kitchen for High Quality Sound from Flush Mounted, In-Ceiling Speakers by Pure Audio in Columbia

In-Ceiling, Recessed Speakers are Almost Invisible

Flat-Screen TV on Kitchen Counter and High Quality Sound from Flush Mounted Speakers in the Ceiling by Pure Audio in Columbia Missouri

A View With a View, Covered Deck With Retractable TV

This television retracts into the wood-paneled ceiling on the deck using a motorized mount. Recessed ceiling speakers provide vibrant audio while maintaining a clean look.

Retracting Television TV Recessed into Wood Paneled Ceiling with Motorized Mount on Exterior Outdoor Deck Patio Pure Audio CoMo Walek 102

Hidden TV Recessed into Outdoor Patio’s Ceiling

Disappearing Television TV Recessed into Wood Paneled Ceiling with Motorized Mount on Exterior Outdoor Deck Patio Pure Audio and Video Columbia, MO

Bedroom Sound System and Mounted Television

This television has a soundbar installed underneath and components stored in a nearby cabinet. The system is controlled with a universal remote or iPhone app.

Bedroom Wall Mounted Flat Screen TV with Soundbar Beneath Hidden Wires Universal Remote Control or iPhone App Pure Audio Professional Installers

Audio and Video in the Dance Studio

The flat-screen television in this home’s dance studio complements its sleek look, while in-ceiling speakers reduce clutter. Equipment is housed in a nearby cabinet, and the system is controlled by an iPhone or iPad app.

Dance Studio Audio and Video with Flatscreen TV and In-Ceiling Speakers with Hidden Components controlled from iPhone or iPad App Pure Audio in Columbia