Ashly’s 10-Zone System Integrates Into Mizzou’s Historic Pizza Restaurant

Shakespeare's Pizza Audio / Video Installation

For the citizens of Columbia, Missouri and the countless students who have attended the University of Missouri’s flagship Columbia campus, Shakespeare’s Pizza is a cherished part of the culture. In fact, Shakespeare’s Pizza is so famous that grocery stores in Missouri and surrounding states stock frozen Shakespeare’s Pizzas.

Great pizza is undoubtedly the main component in the establishment’s forty-plus years of success, but its unique décor ranks a close second. Its original location cobbled together neighboring shops, as demand for Shakespeare’s Pizza grew over the decades, but that charismatic location was recently forced to close to make way for more university housing. The owners built a new restaurant in the image and layout of the now-closed and dearly beloved location, and local A/V integration firm Pure Audio designed and installed a ten-zone sound reinforcement system that benefits from Ashly Audio processing, amplification, and user control.

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